My secret, New York

Do you really believe you can keep a secret in New York? Not when businesses like these abound! Yes, private detectives are alive and well.

In my never-ending quest to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, I had an informational interview at an investigation services office. Sure! I could be a private detective.

The quarters were cramped as the Private Detective, who requested anonymity in return for information, removed the last of the fast food wrappers from the only other chair in the office. I couldn’t help but admire the floor to ceiling electronic spy equipment that was humming and flashing—just like on TV!

Surveillance. Yup, sitting in the car, in the park, in the diner, drinking coffee and eating donuts for hours on end. Apparently, most of the business is about unearthing cheaters, taking damning photographs and using the evidence as grounds for a lucrative divorce.

Live and learn. And know that if you go shopping here, someone is going to tell your secret…

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