Moms are the seriously unsung heroes of this world. During this women’s history month, I celebrate my mom for making me the person that I am. She has taught me to appreciate the little guy (or gal), to clean up my own mess and to respect authority—once they prove worthy of my respect. Sure, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt in most cases, but you’ve got to earn my respect.

Who is the most popular date at the Academy Awards these days? Who knows how to bake (or purchase) the best apple pie? Who knows how to crack into your iphone—even though she claims to be out of date and out of touch with modern technology? You know who.

Let’s consider another revolutionary hero: George Washington and his famous ‘I cannot tell a lie’ about cutting down that cherry tree. Yes, it is the admission of an honest man. Who do you think guilted him into feeling the need to make that confession in the first place? You got it. His mom. (Though truth be told, the story was made up by some guy and is actually a myth, but you get the point.)

One of the things that I most like about my mom is her willingness to support pretty much every hair-brained scheme I have ever pursued. Heck! She’s even come up with hair-brainier ideas than me. Thanks mom!

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