The one name says it all. She is the face of girls’ education around the world. Consider this: Malala was born in 1997. True, she was born in the last century. Technically, we’re still at the beginning of this one, so that makes her pretty darn young.

Malala Yousafzai – know her last name in case you go on Jeopardy – started blogging on the BBC at age 12, spoke in front of the UN General Assembly on her 16th birthday, and won the Nobel Peace Prize when she was 17 years old. Yeah, but what has she done lately?

That’s right! The Malala Fund created to see a world where every girl can complete 12 years of safe, quality education. That girl knows how to stay on message! Malala also promotes and shares the voices of girls from around the world through her blog. She is currently on tour promoting girls’ education with her Girl Power Trip, with stops in the US and Canada.

To put her accomplishments into perspective, I looked up other famous people born in 1997. While millions of people were born that year, the two household names that appeared on the list were Kylie Jenner – the reality star, and Simone Biles – gold medal winning Olympic gymnast. Now the three have something in common.

2 thoughts on “Malala

  1. Malala just graduated high school at the age of nineteen, she is already a force of worldliness!!

  2. Dear Dave H,

    And she started a Twitter account. Is the world ready for this? I am!

    Dr. Mo

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