Liz, Renaissance Person

Liz’s advice to her 18 year old self: I should have taken that scholarship at Boston Conservatory. Take the scholarship!! Not that I’m sorry, because I ended up with a really good musical since I didn’t take a scholarship. And I ended up with an interesting life story. That’s one thing.

Actually, I think you’re making the best decisions you can when you’re 18 and just becoming a young woman. I think you do the best job you can. I don’t think we go into this thinking ‘how can I make really bad decisions and correct them later.’ You just go with what your heart is telling you and your instincts. I think people’s instincts are good. Now you don’t have control over other people. Even if your instincts are good, you never know what other people are going to do. You should always hold tight. Because, you know what, it could be 20 years later that what you did when you were 18 comes back.

Actually, now I’m thinking of it, I wrote a whole musical and it started when I was 18 or 19 years old. I couldn’t have written the musical unless I did what I did. Just trust your instincts.

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