Li’l Stories

Anke Stohlmann is intense. You can tell right away that she’s serious. And she is. She’s serious about play.

Anke started life as a seriously successful creative director. She loved her work. She was darn good at it. If only the people around her were better communicators, worked collaboratively rather than competitively, and trusted their creative instincts, Her team could get so much more done—and have more fun doing it. Not that they weren’t a fantastic group to work with. That wasn’t it at all. Her work colleagues were great! Just something, something was missing.

That’s when she took her left turn. The opportunity appeared out of nowhere, as left turns usually do. Much to her surprise, Anke found herself back in school. And what was she studying? How to make people better communicators, more comfortable with their own creativity and how to get people to work collaboratively. Most importantly, she wanted to figure out how to get maximum fun while learning all this so that it became a life-long habit.

Lightbulb! You have to start early and it has to be structured. Structured fun? That sounds crazy. Crazy like a fox. She tested her ideas with kindergartners and first graders in the classroom. Lo and behold, the kids had a ball and the teachers loved it! Even before she graduated, the business of Li’l Stories was born. Anke had found a fun way to teach 21st century skills that no computer or Artificial Intelligence could ever replace.

From the Animal Stories Lab book

The kids who master these skills—and when mastery is fun, it’s easy—are going to land whatever jobs they want.

To learn more about Li’l Stories, click here. Li’l Stories Story Pads are available through Amazon: Li’l Stories Story Pad, K to 1st Graders   Li’l Stories Story Pad, 1st to 3rd Graders.

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