Kitchen Hive

Hi, Dr. Mo here! I want to introduce you all to Kitchen Hive, who will be taking over Revolution Cookbook for a while. She brings you another generation’s look at food. Welcome, Kitchen Hive!

Kitchen Hive

I came to the joy of cooking late in life—and none too gracefully.

After a few false starts, I discovered cookbooks!  Not the fancy-Dan expensive, new kitchen tools required, unpronounceable ingredient cookbooks, but the Church Lady cookbooks, those plastic spiral-bound 6” by 9” numbers, the Fire House fundraiser cookbooks, the Granny Cooks for a Crowd cookbooks.

If there’s such a thing as terroir of American cooking, these babies are your travel guides. Of course, I’ll skip over anything that begins, “open one can of mushroom soup.”  So, I’ll start there—foods we might remember from childhood, from community picnics—and forgot that we liked.

We’ll spread out in the months ahead to lots of other inspirations—Farmers Markets, dockside window-shopping, neighborhood pot lucks, old department store restaurant menus, 50’s cocktail party food, traditional foodways.   Always easy, always adaptable, always fun to make.


But for now, adapted from the Marshall Point Lighthouse recipe collection, the super-easy:

Lighthouse Egg

  •   Butter both sides of a slice of bread and cut round hole in center
  •   Put bread in preheated fry pan
  •   Put a bit of butter in hole and break an egg into hole in bread
  •   Fry bread on both sides until done to taste
  •   “Remove bread from pan and eat”

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Hive

  1. I grew up with this breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) delicacy! In the South they are known as Popeye Sandwiches.

    1. David,
      Now you have the recipe and can bring the South wherever you roam!
      Enjoy, Popeye!!! Thanks to Kitchen HIve.
      Dr. Mo

  2. This looks Yum…So hungry now! How can I get your blog posted to my email?

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