A mere hundred steps from the Dakota–the final home of John Lennon–just inside Central Park sits Strawberry Fields. I suspect that pretty much everyone knows that Yoko Ono commissioned the Fields to commemorate the life and times of the most radical, yet peace-loving, Beatle.

What you may not know is exactly what the Imagine tile mosaic looks like without mobs of people and adornments. I have seen the Imagine memorial decorated with rose petals, tea light candles, pebbles, guitars, bodies. You name it, they have decorated with it. It is only in the brisk winter months of January and February that one can see the mosaic as it was built, as it was intended.

Mighty cold tourists not looking at Imagine

Yet even in these darkest of months, tourists can be found huddling and singing. Even on this particularly seriously cold day, a single soul risked finger frostbite to strum a guitar.

On occasion, I have bumped into tourists from around the world, who are completely lost in their search for the famed memorial. The best way to find Strawberry Fields is to start at the Dakota (on 72nd Street and Central Park West), cross the street into the park, and follow the people (or the signs) or if all that fails, just keep walking in a straight line.

Just follow the signs–or buy one

Who knows? You might even bump into Yoko Ono, as one reporter did at the 2018 Women’s March in NYC. You never know who you’ll find there. I love New York.


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