Hey, you with the horns!

I met these enchanting creatures in Jamaica, Queens of all places. It turns out the New York City is home to live animal markets—the kind where the customer comes in and picks out the animal destined to be the evening meal.

I always associated live animal markets with exotic places like Asia or Africa. It turns out that there are live animal markets in all five boros of New York! And oh the animals you can find. While chickens are by far the most popular item for sale, in one shop we also found quail, rabbits, cows and sheep. We were told they also sold camels—but only for special occasions.


The next time you’re in the mood for a visit to a modern day petting zoo, go on line to find the live animal market nearest you. Not in the mood for petting, but craving some REALLY fresh chicken? If you play your cards right, they deliver.

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