Dutch Baby

Dutch Baby

Pancakes for a weekend breakfast? The griddle, 4 at a time, keep them warm, etc, etc. How about making one big puffy pancake and just breaking off one serving at a time? It’s already been invented—and it’s called a Dutch Baby. Ready in about a half hour—just long enough to make the coffee and fix up some bacon or sausage. The best part is—it bakes in the oven, and when it’s done, breakfast is done.

Dutch Baby Pancake
• Set oven to 425’
• Put 3 tblsp butter in glass pie plate and put in oven
• While oven heats whisk 3 eggs and add ½ cup milk
• Add 1/8 tsp nutmeg (or substitute vanilla or almond extract for flavor)
• Whisk in ½ cup flour until smooth
• When oven reaches 425’, remove pie plate and pour in batter
• Replace in oven and bake for 15-20 minutes
• When pancake puffs up, edges are brown and middle is set, it’s done!
• Serve with maple syrup or berries

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