Dumped by a carpet

So, there I was, on my magic carpet ride, minding my own business, when that sucker shook me off. I landed with a thud. Ka-thunk.

I left a job that should have been amazing but it wasn’t. It was the kind of job that I’ve been doing for most of my career, working harder and harder for less and less satisfaction. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I’ve been throwing myself at a brick wall. For about a decade.

Of course, that still left me abandoned by my recently discovered imaginary escape mechanism, wondering what in the world I would do next. Wondering…what…in…the…world…I…would…do…next. The lightbulb went off. I begged, borrowed and collected every single frequent flyer mile available to me and decided to go as far as that ticket would get me—and back. New Zealand here I come!

Hokitika Beach

I’m the kind of gal who needs something physical to do when I’m on vacation. I signed up for a cycle tour of the South Island. Little did I know that the entire island is populated with extreme sports enthusiasts, farmers and the most spectacular scenery, bar none.

More sheep than people here

Could I ponder my dilemma in these circumstances? Not actively. It was not until day 2 that I became entirely aware of the fact that I had signed up for an extreme mountain-bike excursion—river crossings included. Cold, icy, foot or more deep rivers. Ah the joys of melting glaciers! No, my mind was entirely preoccupied with not falling off a cliff, into rivers, into roads of shifting rocks. It was perfect.

On the road to the mountain

All good things must come to an end. I still go to New Zealand of my memories when the going gets rough.

Tropical rain forest

6 thoughts on “Dumped by a carpet

  1. It must have been lovely out there. Bike riding looks good you. Glad you happy.

  2. I hope ‘Dumped by a carpet’ has a sequel or 3…Even at my age…I get incredibly excited at new directions and life projects…Even other peoples’…Good luck to you …

  3. Hi Shoada,

    You can pretty much count on a sequel–or 3! Thank you so much for your encouragement. Every voice counts.

    Dr. Mo

  4. Hi Dr Mo,

    New Zealand is the place I’ve loved the most in my travels. Close your eyes and have a few minutes letting the memories wash over you when things get a little challenging.

  5. Donalie,

    Agreed it was so gorgeous. I didn’t take one bad photo when I was there. And that’s saying something! I had never seen lupin flowers before. They were so gorgeous and the scent was heavenly! If they had lupin scented candles I would buy them–believe me, I looked!

    I will indeed follow your advice and visit the New Zealand of my memories from time to time. You always give the best advice. Thanks!

    Dr. Mo

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