Bokharat—Arabic 7-Spice

Bokharat—Arabic 7-Spice

Grinding spices as part of food prep is having a very long moment—although its been part of many food cultures for centuries. Not so hard to figure out spicy, hot, or savory combinations–but finding a mild, sweet, warm flavorful blend was a challenge. And then along came Bokharat! Used extensively as an all-purpose spice in Mid-Eastern cooking, almost like salt and pepper, its basic spice combination can be adjusted to personal taste. Usually considered a savory blend, as a rub or olive oil-based marinade before cooking meat or chicken, the warm blend can be adaptable. A spice mill or grinder makes for easy prep, but a mortar and pestle are traditional. This version has 8 spices—different food cultures mix and match for traditional flavors.
Here’s an easy, flavorful Bokharat sauce/dip that works for the last bowl of winter’s lentil soup and spring’s first fruit salad.

Grind the spices—adjust to taste and for quantity needed
• 2 tblsp black peppercorns
• 2 tblsp ground paprika
• 1 ½ tblsp cumin seeds
• 1 tblsp coriander seeds
• 1 tblsp cloves (remove stems)
• 1 tsp ground nutmeg
• 1 cinnamon stick
• 1 tsp cardamom pods

Make the sauce
• ½ cup Greek yoghurt
• 1-2 tblsp spice mixture
• For fruit salad dressing—add 1-2 tsp brown sugar

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