Be good to yourself

You know that feeling when you’ve just finished a huge (yuge?) project that is really, really important? You’re elated, exhausted and almost too tired to celebrate. But you do. Success is success after all. As you’re dragging yourself out the door to head home after a night of as much revelry as you can muster, your friend turns to you and says ‘Don’t forget, the next one is due next week.’

All jubilation sags out like a tire with a slow leak as you remember that there are two huge projects due next week, another one the week after that, and there’s talk of other major projects that also have to be done now! now! now! It’s enough to make you crawl under a rock.

As someone who habitually gives 150% to everything I do, I know that rock. We’re good friends. We’ve spent some quality time together since the election. Recently, however, my rock has encouraged me to not get to the point where I need to crawl under it. I have to say that I’m listening—and it makes a difference.

When I feel like my Herculean efforts are doing absolutely nothing to help keep the social justice that we’ve achieved so far (forget forging ahead for new areas of health and equality!), I take a break. A serious one. Science says this is essential! The list is endless, here are some basics:

Sleep (enough, not too much), trees (even just pictures of them!), a quick walk or run around the neighborhood, and things that make you happy in general. I like cooking—but not all the time and pretty easy things, which I’m sharing with you! I love NYC and know it like the back of my hand, but there is still so much quirky. Go in search of your own quirky! Spend time with your friends and family—and agree that at certain times talk of politics is forbidden. Volunteer—deliver meals, read to people, build houses, be a role model buddy—the options are limitless!

You’ll be back…

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