Chambo–the best fish in the world!

Actually, I am inclined to agree: a nice light firm fish with an excellent taste and no fishy scent to follow! Yum!

Guess which is the MSF senior staff meeting and which is the fish purchasing extravaganza. It was too much fun watching one of the MSF guys and my driver selecting fish and negotiating the price. It was like they were buying diamonds! But they did have the happy fish vendor deliver the diamonds to the truck–all the way in the back of the truck, since the thought of 7 silver fishies floating in the back seat on a warm winter’s day was just the slightest bit unappealing…

One thought on “Chambo–the best fish in the world!

  1. A wonderful fish. Regularly ate it back in the 70s in Malawi. Wish we had something comparable here in UK.

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