Anne, Infrastructure Developer, escaping the West Village for a weekend

Anne’s advice to her 18 year old self: Use less drugs. Wait until your 30s to get married. Don’t care so much how you look.

3 thoughts on “Anne, Infrastructure Developer, escaping the West Village for a weekend

  1. Love these words…Ultra practical…Gosh can I remember the anguish of clothes and looks at 18?!…There’s a theme developing here…Relax more (drug free possibly) and trust yourself more…

    It might be interesting to know the current ages or the decades in which your Wednesday Women were 18…But I’m a fan!

    1. Shoada,

      That’s a great idea…though not everyone is willing to give up that information.

      I’m so glad you like the Wednesday Women series. I love meeting and talking with women and learning about the things they wish they’d known. The flip side is that wherever they are now, they seem entirely content, despite the lack of knowledge that they wish they’d had!

      Dr. Mo

  2. Totally missed saying Hello Anne! and that you look chilled and lovely too

    The second part of the comment was for you Dr Mo

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