Andrea, Sweet Vegan

Andrea’s advice to her 18 year old self: I have one piece of advice. Be confident in yourself. I was such a Nervous Nelly at the age of 18. Everyone around me influenced me. I really didn’t take the time to figure out what I needed and wanted. I was so insecure and seeking other advice from people. So many times, I had the advice right in myself. Right in my heart. Right in my soul. Right in my gut. I wish I had had the confidence to look within and get those answers directly and stop making everybody else my higher power. I should have gone directly to the source within my core. I think I would have been much more confident at that point in my life and made so many more decisions that would have been positive for myself. Instead, I struggled so hard. Now, at the age that I am, I have that confidence. Why? Because I know where to go. I know where the answers are. I believe in myself. I have a passion. I think I would have had that passion at the age of 18, if I had really looked within and had the belief system to make those decisions from the heart.

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