Januarius in September

Saint Januarius is the patron saint of Naples. Januarius was a Catholic bishop at a time when it wasn’t a thing to be Catholic in Italy. He was martyred in 305AD. Three times each year, the faithful... Read More

Mr. Fama’s tomato

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It’s that time again. One of my best of the year: tomato season. Tomatoes are my all-time favorite food—versatile and tasty and found pretty much everywhere in the world. The thing about tomatoes ... Read More

The return of the 60s

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‘It’s déjà vu all over again.’ You’ve got to hand it to Yogi Berra—the sage of the New York Yankees. He knew what he knew and knew what he’d seen before. I recently fell under that Yogi ... Read More

Star-crossed lovers

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Have I mentioned that summer is my favorite season? Long, hot, luxurious days ending in NYC surprises—if you know where to look. These days it’s fairly easy to find the zillion and one free events... Read More